Downtime Detection is currently not working

Downtime Handler

Our API implements a process for checking the presence of a bot and saving its current state. Each time a bot goes offline and comes back online it is saved/edited in our Database as the Uptime! Any approved bots who are offline for more then 60% of their time listed on our website will be automatically removed.

This helps keep our website free of clutter and ensure our users can find a bot that is online and responsive when they need it!

Percentage Schema

let percent = (bot.uptime / bot.total_uptime) * 100;

Exceeding the Downtime Percentage

The following actions will be executed if your bot meets the 60% minimum

Role_RemoveAuditRemoves the Bots Verified, Certified and or Partneted Roles
Kick_BotAuditKicks the Bot from our Server as it is no longer Listed
Role_RemoveAuditRemoves the owners Dev Role of this is their Only Bot Listed
Send_LogsMessageSends a Log of the Bots Removal to our Bot Logs Channel
Send_DMMessageNotifys the Owner that the Bot was removed and Why!

Useful Info

If you believe your bot was falsely removed as a result of our system bugging out, Or you were doing maintenance and would like to appeal your bots removal. Please contact our staff team in our Discord Server (opens in a new tab) and let them know that you would like your bot to be re-added to our website.