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Getting Help

If you need some help or think you have spotted a problem with our API you can talk to us in our #api-support channel in our discord server.

API Intro

Infinity uses a REST API for general operations such as sending and receiving POST and GET requests.

Base Url (latest stable API) (beta API)

Beta API Note is the beta API and will always point to the current latest API version.

The current latest beta API version is v5. The current stable API version is v4.1 (which is what currently runs on

Note that in most cases, and will be in sync and will point to the same server

The current release date of v5 is unknown. We are working hard in making it as stable as possible before release. Many features will be exclusive to API v5

**There are several breaking changes in v5. Your library should be taking care of these differences (such as 'flatter'/simpler to use API responses)


To access our API you need to authorize yourself or in this case your bot, this can be done by using your Infinity API Token which can be found in the Owner Section of your bots page.

Owner Section Screenshot

Authentication is performed with the authorization HTTP header:

"authorization": "your-secret-token"