All endpoints use Dynamic Ratelimits This page only describes API v6, the soon-to-release version of the site A more up to date version of these docs can be found here (opens in a new tab)

Get Bot



Fetch some information about a specific bot from our API.

Example Response

Bot Structure

Test Webhook



Allows you to test your webhook.

This endpoint as of right now is prone to change, as such see here (opens in a new tab) for the request and response you will get as this may rapidly change in the future if the site requires it. You should never rely on this endpoint for long running scripts.

POST Bot Stats



Post Headers

AuthorizationStringThe Bots Infinity Bots API Token✔️

Post Body

serversNumberAmount of servers the bot is in.✔️
shardsNumberAmount of shards the bot has.
usersNumberAmount of users the bot has.
  • For the sake of convenience, the API accepts several other keys to allow maximum compatibility with other bot lists. See here (opens in a new tab) for the full list of supported keys

Bot Structure

The below list of keys is not complete and only includes the most commonly used keys, see here (opens in a new tab) for the full list of keys possible

userUserDiscord User Of The Bot.
tagsArray[String]List of the Bots Tags (Moderation etc).
prefixStringThe Bots Prefix used to trigger Discord Messages.
ownerUserBots Main Owner
additional_ownersArray[User]Array of Additional Owners.
staff_botBooleanThe Bots Staff Status in our Discord Server.
shortStringThe Bots Short Description displayed on our Website.
longStringThe Bots Long Description displayed on our Website.
nsfwBooleanIf the Bot contains NSFW Features (True or False).
libraryStringThe Lib/Library that the Bot is made in (Ex: Javascript).
premiumBooleanThe Bots Premium Status on our Website.
serversIntegerNumber of Servers the Bot is in.
shardsIntegerNumbet of Shards the Bot has.
votesNumberNumber of Upvotes that the Bot has.
viewsNumberNumber of Views the Bot has (Not Unique).
invite_clicksNumberNumber of Invites the Bot has.
extra_linksArray[Link]Extra links (website, support server etc.) the Bot has.
bannerString?The Bots Custom Banner Link.
inviteString?The Bots Discord Invite URL.
typeStringThe Bots type (certified, approved etc.)

Example Structure

See (opens in a new tab)