POST Requests


Acceptable Parameters (BODY)
serversStringServer Count for the Provided Bot.
shardsStringShard Count for the Provided Bot.
Acceptable HEADERS
authorizationStringThe Bots IBL API Authorization Token.
Content-TypeStringThe Content-Type of the Data should be (application/json).

GET Requests

Get User Data



Display some info about a Specified User.

nicknameStringNickname for the User on our Website.
aboutStringSome information about the User.
certified_devBooleanThe users IBL Certified Dev Status.
developerBooleanThe users Developer Status (Bot Dev).
staffBooleanIf the User is IBL Staff (True or False).
websiteStringLink to the Users Personal Website/Portfolio.
githubStringLink to the Users GitHub Page or Organization.

GET Bot Data



Display some info about a Specified Bot.

nameStringDiscord Username of the Bot.
tagsStringList of the Bots Tags (Moderation etc).
prefixStringThe Bots Prefix used to trigger Discord Messages.
ownerStringUsername of the Bots Main Owner/Developer.
additional_ownersArrayArray of Additional Owner IDs.
staff_botBooleanThe Bots Staff Status in our Discord Server.
shortStringThe Bots Short Description displayed on our Website.
longStringThe Bots Long Description displayed on our Website.
nsfwBooleanIf the Bot contains NSFW Features (True or False).
libraryStringThe Lib/Library that the Bot is made in (Ex: Javascript).
premiumBooleanThe Bots Premium Status on our Website.
certifiedBooleanThe Bots Certified Status on our Website.
serversIntegerNumber of Servers the Bot is in.
shardsIntegerNumbet of Shards the Bot has.
votesNumberNumber of Upvotes that the Bot has.
viewsNumberNumber of Views the Bot has (Not Unique).
invitesNumberNumber of Invites the Bot has.
websiteStringThe Bots Official Website:l/Dashboard.
donateStringThe Bots Patreon, PayPal or Other Donation Link.
supportStringThe Bots Support Server Invite Link.
githubStringThe Bot or Developers GitHub Page.
bannerStringThe Bots Custom Banner Link.
inviteStringThe Bots Discord Invite URL.